Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Luigi's Pizza offers a $5.99 Large, 1 topping pizza through the month of October.

Luigi's Pizzeria
2230 Cotillion Drive
Dunwoody, GA 30338

The south east corner of Dunwoody was in dire need of a good pizza place because coming from Chicago the run of the mill chain places just weren't cutting it for me. Since I'm not close to Mellow Mushroom in the Village nor Dagwood's Pizza on Spalding; the typical pizza in the Heneghan household was relegated to a chain store pizza usually ordered for only for the kids and a babysitter.

The Waffle House on the corner of North Peachtree Road and Cotillion (behind the BP gas station at I-285) closed several months ago and in it's place today opened Luigi's Pizzeria & the Philly Connection. On the way home from my son's football game we stopped by to pick up a menu but when I saw the introductory offer of a Large, 14 inch, one topping pizza which usually sells for $13.60 reduced to only $5.99, I couldn't refuse to try one to take home. Luigi's pizza was very good and it will be replacing the other locations that we have used for take home or delivery pizza. That being said, my sit down pizza meals will still be at either Mellow Mushroom or Dagwood's.

In talking to Luigi's manager I was told that this special introductory $5.99 offer is only available for dine in or carry out and will be offered through the month of October. The Philly Connection side of the house is also offering a 7 inch cheese stake with fries for only $5.99. If you live in the area, please check out it out as I personally see it as a nice change from the other neighborhood pizza joints. In case there are better pizza places out there that I have missed, please drop me a line. Thanks.

PS: in case anyone from the FTC is reading this, I have not received any free pizza in exchange for this post though I did receive a pretty good pizza at a great price. Thanks for asking.


Mark said...

We like both Mellow Mushroom and Dagwood's, but we prefer Corner Pizza to them: . We will be trying Luigi's soon. Thanks for the tip.

Bob Fiscella said...

John - no Chicago deep dish pizza for the Heneghan household?

We give a thumbs up to the pizza at both Dagwoods and Mellow Mushroom. Wish we had a Fellini's in Dunwoody!

DunwoodyTalk said...

picked up two pies tonight for here. Kids liked it as did I. Their large is not as large as Mellow Mushroom, but well worth the $6.

The mgr. kicked in a 3-pack of Tastykakes at no charge, much to the delight of me and the kids (wife not around tonight so she did not get the Tastykake.

Ate one pie over at the Community Garden picnic table since we were on that side of town.

Is traffic always that bad headed from Farmhouse toward '285' that time of day? Working from home and not participating in Gov't schools this year I've forgotten the traffic issues.

Katy Emery Warren said...
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Katy Emery Warren said...

Luigi's is OK. I would still consider it in the same category as chain pizza.

Vintage Pizzeria in Chamblee, by FAR, has the best pizza around this area...worth the drive from Dunwoody.

Bob Lundsten said...

Corner Pizza Enough sais.

Unknown said...

do they sell by the slice? It is close to my office.

John Heneghan said...

Luigi's has been shut for a week so it looks as if it is now out of business.

Sad since it was very close and the quality was good.

Anonymous said...

So sorry to hear this news. We picked up from there about every 10 days, sometimes more often. On our last few visits, we noted the fewer customers while we were there. We wondered if it was just the time of day we were there.