Tuesday, October 13, 2009

Mixed bag of topics: Audio, Golf, Job, Ethics, Transparency, DCSS Atty Fees & DeKalb D.A.

Monday night's 7 pm meeting started a few minutes late and the public portion was over by 7:15; in fact looking at my audio recorder, I only captured 10 minutes and 41 seconds of audio. All three items passed and we then moved into executive session to discuss real estate.

The audio is here in two parts (1 & 2) if you are interested and here was the agenda.
  • In other news that interests me and maybe you, the City of Dunwoody installed the speed monitor on Womack and the others are coming soon as I believe they were back ordered?

  • For you golfers, the Spruill Center for the Arts is hosting a golf outing next Monday at the Dunwoody Country Club, details here.

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  • In reviewing other blogs that you may have missed, the DeKalb County School Watch blog exploded over the Board of Education discussions of legal contracts that were about to be divvied out along racial lines for an extra $800,000. I believe cooler heads prevailed to stop this but it is an indication of how fast they can improperly spend our money. Good thing the DCSS has an office of internal investigations to ferret out waste and illegal wrong doing and a DeKalb D.A. who will prosecute these cases, if ever discovered.


Steve Barton said...

Re: DCSS board deciding how much extra money to spend on legal fees

Watch this two minute comment from Dr. Eugene "Gene" P. Walker beginning at 1:24:30. (slide the slider at the bottom of the window to reach that point)

At least he's honest on this!

Wishbone Nolan said...

John and the rest of the Dunwoody city government staff, I would maybe check your umbrage "over the Board of Education discussions of legal contracts that were about to be divvied out along racial lines...", even though you all want to garner favor from 80% of Dunwoody residents as well as the KKK in your efforts to establish a "whitetopia" in the new Dunwoody City "Hood", but please do realize that you represent all of the citizens of Dunwoody not just the upper-middle class whites.

You do know why the federal government had to step in and take over DeKalb County schools don't you? It was because pernicious white men and women's gnarled venomous mouths would drip with vile hatred as they shouted the "N word" at little African-American girls and boys whose only crime was trying to walk to school to obtain a chance at an equivalent education as white children.

It really hurts my heart to see this all starting again, or to realize that this type of malevolence had never really disappeared but lay dormant until the entitled whites felt a little economic pinch and conveniently resurfaced when a scrape-goat was deemed needed. Woe to humanity once again!!! Cruelty and hatred may be popular, but it is never right.

joggerdavew said...

Wishbone, you do make some valid points. And in many ways, Dunwoody exemplifes the racism and xenophobia that seethes just under the surface of suburban white populations in the South. Remember "white flight"? It was – and is – a fact. A lot of those folks who flew ended up in Dunwoody.

John Heneghan said...

DeKalb ethics panel gets two new members.


DeKalb CEO Burrell Ellis has appointed Isaac Blythers, the former president of Atlanta Gas Light, and Bobbie Kennedy Sanford, a real estate agent and widow of former county commissioner Porter Sanford, III, Ellis spokesperson Shelia Edwards said Wednesday. They replace Veronica Higgs Cope and Aubrey Villines