Monday, October 26, 2009

Rumor and Innuendo, Blockbuster closing?, Falcon's Stadium, "enrollment balancing" and the DeKalb Recorders Court

The Blockbuster Video at the intersection of Mt. Vernon & Dunwoody Club appears to be closing.  Saturday was business as usual and on Sunday I'm told all videos were on sale for final clearance.  One wonders if the entire parcel including the old Ace Home Place (Harris Teeter) over to the CVS is now in play for redevelopment? 

I previously mentioned that DeKalb was thinking about putting a new Falcon's Stadium on the site of the GM plant in Doraville.  CEO Burrell Ellis made his official comment, Doraville Mayor Ray Jenkins commented, and with a unanimous vote the Doraville City Council even made their official statement.  The topic was even fodder on Sunday mornings Georgia Gang where as one of the members states, this isn't over yet...

DeKalb County School System started discussions on "enrollment balancing" otherwise known as closing schools and redistricting at their last Board Meeting.  It looks as if Dunwoody is overpopulated with students except for maybe elementary schools?  Read Atlanta Unfiltered's article followed by the DeKalb County School Watch Blog along with the comments for the full story and opinions of those in the know (as much as you can be in the know).

DeKalb County Recorders Court has been messed up for quite awhile, just ask the police officers, or ask Mr. Doug Richards,  a TV Reporter who received a ticket and documented the adventure.  Now the Grand Jury report is out and it appears that change is imminent.

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