Friday, October 30, 2009

Audio and handouts from Perimeter Center, Comprehensive Plan meeting.

About 40 people attend Thursday night's meeting regarding the future development of the Perimeter Center Area and the next Comprehensive Land Use meeting is Tuesday will be dedicated to Dunwoody Village.

I recorded the audio and have posted the handouts both in this entry and the post below on the Perimeter Livable Center Initiative.  In the handout below, please feel free to complete the questions on the survey and return it to Ms. Kimberly Greer via e-mail or via fax 678-382-6701.

10292009_Perimeter_Comp1.mp3 Intro 
10292009_Perimeter_Comp2.mp3 Ms. Yvonne Williams
10292009_Perimeter_Comp3.mp3 Questions - Statements of Audience
10292009_Perimeter_Comp4.mp3 Closeout

Perimeter Center Character Area

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