Monday, May 4, 2009

Speed Limit Radar Sign tragically killed by speeding hit & run motorist.

Before a speeding driver hits the Radar Speed Limit Sign.


The temporary Radar Speed Limit Sign was run over on Friday night and when the actual radar device was found in a yard three doors down it was still blinking 49 mph, over and over. The remains of the device were turned over to the Dunwoody Police Department who reported that the patient's lights were fading fast and at this time there were no suspects for the tragic hit & run.

Had this been a pedestrian it surely would have been a fatality and if this was permanent sign it would been attached to a bigger pole; none the less it just goes to show how dangerous the traffic is on North Peachtree Road.

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John Heneghan said...

Radarsign comment.

"It is our understanding that no one was hurt when our test sign was hit late Friday night; we are so relieved it was our sign that was hit and not a pedestrian," said Charlie Robeson, Managing Parter of Radarsign. "This incident further demonstrates that traffic calming devices are absolutely needed on this road. As you know, the temporary post installed by the city of Dunwoody was for test purposes only. We look forward to working with city officials to establish a permanent fixture that will change driver behaviors on North Peachtree Road making it safe for everyone."

Mark said...

I am very sorry to hear this news. Given the view of extraordinary entitlement I observe and hear from some drivers, I am left to wonder if the sign was deliberately targeted by someone who didn't wish to have the speeds on that road better managed by the city. Perhaps it might cost little to add a digital camera to the replacement. I wish the city all success in slowing speeders and working to change other bad driver habits that endanger their peers, pedestrians, and cyclists.

DunwoodyParent said...

the day Dunwoody puts up red light cameras is the day I put the home up for sale. (perhaps Dunwoody Mom will now donate red light cameras to get rid of me) :)

biscuit said...

Amazing! They were going so fast they actually changed the posted speed limit from 25 to 35 - physics never ceases to amaze!

DunwoodyParent said...


Biscuit made a great observation. Is that road 25 or 35 mph? Was a '25' sign placed atop the '35' sign by the city, county, or by the Radar sign pitchman?

Diana said...

The top picture is a stock photo, the 2nd photo is the actual sign. The speed limit on this portion of North Peachtree is 35.

John Heneghan said...

Diana is correct that the 25 mph sign was a stock photo and I apologize for the slight of hand. If you would like to see the original click here.

To answer Diana's question from yesterday, the sign was a demonstration project and was scheduled to be pulled after the demonstration. The cost for a solar model is about $3,800 and the Chesnut PTA was on site discussing with the Principal about purchasing one with donated funds.

If the city wanted to add these types of devices, the city will have to review and evaluate the results, add money to the budget and put out a request for bids.

JA Jones Consulting said...

Hi! This is Jennifer Jones, representing Radarsign. I'd also like to add that because this was a temporary sign, the post was not the permanent fixture we would normally use. Had this been a permanent installment, the post and sign would have sustained the hit. Incidentally, when we picked up the radar device from the Dunwoody police, we were pleased to see the innerworkings were still fully functional. To quote, Charlie Robeson of Radarsign, "it took a licking and kept on ticking," so to speak. Thanks! Jennifer