Saturday, May 16, 2009

Agenda for the May 18th Dunwoody City Council Work Session

Dunwoody City Council
Work Session (No votes.)
Dunwoody United Methodist Church
Monday May 18th @ 7 pm


Pattie Baker said...

Perhaps we can expand the Adopt-a-Spot description to include food gardens. We have so little greenspace in our city (3 acres per 1,000 citizens, as opposed to the recommended 10 acres per 1,000)and many cities are using space like these spots for food growing purposes, even if it serves just as a demonstration and hands-on learning opportunity for our City's children. Just a thought.

(There are water-conserving ways to do this.)

John Heneghan said...

I missed my first city council meeting in 9 months due a previously scheduled work appointment.

If anyone was there and would like to recap the highlights, please do.