Wednesday, May 27, 2009

Dunwoody City Council Meeting Audio from May 26th - (School Traffic Update, Dr. Albin, AED, & much more)

Here is the agenda to follow along if you are so inclined.
Beginning until New Business 05262009_audio1.mp3
School Traffic & Road Improvement Update 05262009_audio2.mp3
Comprehensive Plan Presentation 05262009_audio3.mp3
Dr. Robert Albin 05262009_audio4.mp3
Chapter 27 & Community Council 05262009_audio5.mp3
Dunwoody Overlay 05262009_audio6.mp3
AED which was moved to the end of meeting 05262009_audio7.mp3
The Council was given a paper copy of the school traffic / road improvement plan on Tuesday but I have upload the document here.

The story of Dr. Robert Albin & Mr. Jim McNab is quite incredible and I recommend you get the full details from these two news stories as well as the audio from this evening above.

Cheating Death

Cheating Death 2


John Heneghan said...

I have uploaded the public works update regarding traffic improvements near the New Dunwoody Elementary School as well as the other schools in the area.


Audio discussing the traffic improvements proposed.

Joe Hirsch said...

In the Public Works memo, the Womack/Vermack intersection is among those being studied to improve traffic flow near schools. Please recall at this city council meeting that Mayor Wright mentioned someone going 60 mph on Womack. Please do NOT consider replacing the 4-way-stop with a traffic light. Green and yellow lights don’t slow people down. A stop sign is the only thing that virtually guarantees a reduction in speed on Womack. Safety should be of higher regard than traffic flow.

Paula Caldarella said...

I'd like to see another stop sign placed along Womack before drivers reach the elementary school. Once those drivers get past the 4-way stop at Womack and Vermack - it's full speed ahead.