Monday, May 25, 2009

Dunwoody announces Public Hearings on 2009 Tax Rates - No Tax Rate Increase!

The Mayor and the City Council were elected to fulfill the promises they made when they ran for office, namely to start a city from scratch while providing the same or improved levels of service from DeKalb County and to do so without raising property taxes. The City will be announcing three public hearings to review the Council's proposal to keep the 2009 taxes at the exact same level in which it started the City, which is the 2.740 millage rate.

There is a quirk in the taxation public notice law which states that since the City of Dunwoody didn't set a millage rate in 2008 and the City is levying a millage rate of 2.740 in 2009, therefore this initial tax rate being set is a tax increase over last year and must be publicized as such.

As you will note in the photo above, the Unic TaxDist (Unincorporated Tax District) has a tax rate of 2.74 Mills and this tax will be completely removed in 2009 and replaced by a City of Dunwoody Tax District rate of 2.74 Mills instead.

The link at the top of the page, as well as again here, are the Public Hearing notices that will be published in the Dunwoody Crier as well as the required "Notice of Property Tax Increase" needed to satisfy State law.


Alyson said...

Can you provide any insight to why Dekalb is reassessing property values for the Dunwoody area - with increased assessments. Is this just another way to increase Dunwoody taxes? Home values certainly are not increasing over last year's values.

Anonymous said...

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