Saturday, May 9, 2009

Dunwoody City Council Meeting - May 11, 2009

Dunwoody City Council Meeting
May 11, 2009 at 7:00 p.m.
Dunwoody United Methodist Church
1548 Mt. Vernon Road, 30338

Proclamation: “Kids Day America
Approval of Minutes April 13, 2009 City Council Meeting.
Approval of Minutes April 20, 2009 City Council Work Session Meeting.
Approval of Minutes April 27, 2009 City Council Meeting.

SECOND READ: Ordinance to amend Chapter 25: Water, Sewers, and Sewage Disposal.

Appointment of Sustainability Commission.

Appointment of Comprehensive Plan Steering Committee.

SECOND READ: Ordinance to amend Chapter 14, Land Development and Environmental Protection, Article 2: Environmental Control.

ACTION ITEM: Approval of award of Police Records Management System.

Farmer’s Market Update.

Approval of surplus equipment items.

FIRST READ: Amendment to Chapter 2: Administration

EXECUTIVE SESSION for the purposes of legal, real estate, and personnel discussions.


DunwoodyTalk said...

Wow, 25 computer monitors for surplus already. Seems like a lot of equipment going to surplus in just a short time of our existence. Were these monitors purchased new or just some hand-me-downs from some other Govt agency?

Also, the Kids America Day thing is a scam by the chiropractic clinics. I am surprised the fine Mayor fell for such a scam. The chiro folks masquerade as caring for kids, but use these 'proclamations' by cities as a boost to their shaky credibility. I may protest this bogus proclamation Monday night during the open speech segment.

JerryGarcia said...

Good observation DunwoodyParent. Why the heck is our mayor issuing a proclamation to help chiropractors find new, young patients? Other cities have done the same thing and Mayor Wright probably means well. But I’m not sure this is the role of government. If Dunwoody spends one penny on this – even by printing the proclamation on piece of paper – Mayor Wright should pay for it out of his pocket.

joggerdavew said...

Even if some people don't go to chiropractors, there are many chiropractic offices throughout Dunwoody. They pay businesses license fees and other Dunwoody taxes and help bring in people to do business in Dunwoody. Just like any other business – from coffee shops to dermatologists to beauty salons – they are part of the woof and warp of the City, and whether you patronize these shops, it's not uncommon for political entities to honor individual businesses in this way as a goodwill gesture.

DunwoodyTalk said...
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JerryGarcia said...

…and don’t forget to issue a proclamation for Goodwill stores: “WHERAS Goodwill is
America’s leading nonprofit provider of education, training, and career services for people with disadvantages, NOW, THEREFORE, BE IT PROCLAIMED, by the City of Dunwoody Mayor and City Council, your business is encouraged to operate in Dunwoody!”