Sunday, January 22, 2012

City of Dunwoody 2012 Retreat Recap

Recap & Documents

The City Council "retreat" is an all day planning / training session which is used to allow new council members the opportunity to get caught up to speed on city matters and it is also used to plan for items of importance which may be brought forward in the coming year.  The day started before 8 and ended after 5 and there were lots of good discussions.  The 2011 year in review (link below) is a nice recap down to the city departmental level and the financial forecasts of the city and the staffing of the police department each took a good part of of the day, then we discussed numerous other items on the agenda.

The meeting was open to the public and the press covered it as well as shown here, here & here.


2011 Year in Review and 2011 Retreat Results

Roles, Responsibilities and Expectations of Elected Officials and Staff
Financial Planning Discussion (Chris Pike)
Public Safety Discussion (Billy Grogan)


Daughter of the Poet said...

The Retreat

Happy those early days! when I
Shin’d in my angel-infancy.
Before I understood this place
Appoint’d for my second race,
Or taught my soul to fancy ought
But a white, celestial thought,
When yet I had not walk’d above
A mile, or two, from my first love,
And looking back (at that short space,)
Could see a glimpse of his bright face;
When on some gild’d cloud or flower
My gazing soul would dwell an hour,
And in those weaker glories spy
Some shadows of eternity;
Before I taught my tongue to wound
My conscience with a sinful sound,
Or had the black art to dispence
A sev’ral sin to ev’ry sense,
But felt through all this fleshly dress
Bright shoots of everlastingness.

O how I long to travel back
And tread again that ancient track!
That I might once more reach that plain,
Where first I left my glorious train,
From whence th’enlightened spirit sees
That shady city of palm trees;
But (ah!) my soul with too much stay
Is drunk, and staggers in the way.
Some men a forward motion love,
But I by backward steps would move,
And when this dust falls to the urn
In that state I came return.

Henry Vaughan

Hire_A_Veteran said...
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