Thursday, January 12, 2012

Dunwoody Village Parkway - FAQ

PDF document

With some of the attention that the Dunwoody Village Parkway project has commanded, city staff put together a one page document to highlight the plan and to answer some questions we have received about the project.  This project has been discussed numerous times and is part of both the Dunwoody Village and Transportation Master Plans whereby it was hoped this project would not only improve the walkability of the area, but could possibly spur future redevelopment of the center by bringing businesses closer to the street and eventually adding cross streets. 

From everything I read and heard on this project, I thought it was clearly desired by the community but I am sure we will discuss this to see if it is still a transportation improvement that is desired at this cost or does it need to be modified or dropped entirely.

Below are a few links of interest and I am told that the plans for the North Peachtree Road / Tilly Mill / Peeler intersection will be released later day or in the very near future.  I will post it when I get it.

Crier Article - December 27, 2011

Dunwoody Village Overlay update April 11, 2011

Dunwoody Village Master Plan (see pages 38, 44, 46, 48, 50, 55, 57, 59)

Dunwoody Transportation Plan (see pages 61, 76, 103 #12, 173 - 178)

Early conversations of Dunwoody Village - Nov 2009


Don Converse said...

Thanks for publishing this information John. It's hard for me to fathom how some folks, even on the city council are acting like the plan to reduce the number of lanes on Dunwoody Village Parkway hasn't already been discussed on several occasions.

And, the irony is that if it were already a two lane road way, with a proposal to make it four lanes untold hundreds of citizens would be marching on city hall with pitchforks to protest.

dpgroupie said...

Change can be difficult, but the key is usually good communication. Takes time and effort, but the results are worthwhile.

John, I seem to have very close calls every time I travel this "zip-through-as-fast-as-you-can-cuz-who-gonna-check-you-boo" road, so my big suggestion would be a couple traffic calming devices. Or more Dunwoody Police dedicated to traffic control...

Stephen said...

John - thanks for your service to Dunwoody and for keeping up the blog. I actually use Dunwoody Village Parkway quite often but am very much in favor of the improvement plan. While Dunwoody Village may have been a community destination for shopping, dining and entertainment at one time, I now see a tired, outdated development with vastly unrealized potential. Encouraging pedestrian and biking activity, while focusing vehicle traffic on the Parkway towards accessing the Village rather than use as a primary transportation route, would seem a first step towards revitalizing the Village. I understand the instinct of some to resist narrowing any roadways, but I would be interested to know if the Parkway was conceived as, or has ever been regarded as, a significant transportation route for commuting purposes. I think the actual necessity (or lack thereof) of the Parkway as a commuting route is clearly addressed by the studies commissioned by the city. I also understand and agree with the desire to be fiscally conservative with public money, but I am certain that one of the functions of local government is to encourage smart local business investment. I would be surprised if there is a more straightforward way to encourage such investment in this area of Dunwoody, than making the Parkway a more attractive destination, rather than simply a way to take a shortcut past the Mt. Vernon/Chamblee-Dunwoody intersection. If there's any project to spend money on, this would be near the top. I know you must listen to your constituents, but I hope you will continue to be a proponent of this revitalization effort on the city council!

Max said...


A few observations:

Yesterday, I walked the Village Parkway with my dog at 5:30PM, wind and all. Without sidewalks, walking is limited to those who are able bodied.

I served on the Transportation Committee and this matter was never a centerpiece of discussion, at best, #27 on a line item list.

Each tree on the Parkway is marked with a silver metal numeric tag, thus suggesting a tree plan is in place. It seems counter-intuitive to mark each tree only to render them to mulch. Double expense.

Traffic was polite, with about 8-10 cars queued at the Chamblee Dunwoody end. Virtually no wait as I exited left, onto Mt. Vernon.

I am concerned that this project does little to improve access to local Village businesses, reduces a traffic alternative to the Chamblee Dunwoody/Mt. Vernon intersection, and destroys a parkway that is both attractive and relatively efficient.

In my opinion, the parking ratio for the Village is too high.

Ample room for sidewalks and a dedicated bike path exist without:

A: Reducing the Parkway width,
B: Using Federal matching funds and well over a $1,000,000 of City money.
C: "Fixin' what ain't broke."