Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Dunwoody Patch posts video of the zoning rewrite meeting.

The Dunwoody Patch recorded the beginning of the meeting and wrote a nice recap of the comments made by the 25 citizens in the room. 

I highly recommend that you click the link above to watch the video and please feel free to comment there as to your thoughts on the project and changes needed.  Though this is by far the official place to comment on such items, it is a public discussion which will be read by other members of the community as well as the project consultants.  Soon there will be a public site created by the consultants which will serve the same and "official" place to comment outside the physical meetings and once available I will post that link too.


Daughter of the Poet said...

She ruled in beauty o'er this heart of mine,
A noble lady in a humble home,
And now her time for heavenly bliss has come,
'Tis I am mortal proved, and she divine.


GaryRayBetz said...
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