Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Video of the January 9th Dunwoody City Council Work Session

Nothing is voted on at the work session but the discussions had do give you a good idea on where the council is headed on future decisions.  I'll touch on a few of the highlights in the order presented.
  • Links on the City website for community groups will probably happen but they will be buried on an internal page and not a part of the initial home page as originally requested.  
  • Home Occupation regulations was slowed down under various concerns of council and the issue may be on hold until the zoning rewrite is started.  The first meeting of the zoning code rewrite is scheduled for Tues Jan 24th at Dunwoody Baptist at 7 pm.  
  • The Gergetown discussion was deferred until a later time.  
  • Leisure Ridge is a small undeveloped subdivision in Kingsley which had a roadway issue the City adopted from the County when we took over the streets and this agreement settles the issue whereby 20 new homes could be built in the coming year. 
  • Dunwoody & Gwinnett County will enter into an agreement to allow Gwinnett to control development of the a parcel at Winters Chapel and Peeler where 95% of that parcel is in Gwinnett County and only a small sliver of the parking lot is in Dunwoody.  Oh by the way, a Wal-Mart Grocery Store will be built there.  
  • Paving, Sidewalks and related Capital Improvements (Complete Streets) was discussed with us asking pointed questions on specific projects and the rational of the streets picked but in the end +2 Million will be spent on repaving and another 1 Million will be spent on sidewalks.  
  • Multi-Jurisdictional Traffic Light synchronization will be implemented and there are now plans in place in case of a snow or ice storm but that being said, the cities response will be limited therefore you will still need to clear the shelves of all Milk & Bread from the local grocery store prior to the storm and plan to stay home.
Finally, I saw that the Winter edition of City Newsletter is available and it is filled good information and numerous meeting dates, so please check it out.

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Max said...

"Slow down, you move too fast, you've got to make the moment last . . . I've got no deeds to do, no promises to keep . . ."

Courtesy: Simon And Garfunkel
Feeling Groovy (59th St. Bridge Song)

Those lyrics came to mind as I listen to resident comments offered during the January 9th City Council Work session. Each City sanctioned Board, Committee, our City Council, Staff, and Mayor ought to enhance efforts to hear and listen to resident comments.

The folks that make time to appear in front of City Council represent a much larger multiple of residents unable or unwilling to publicly comment.

Those 'silent citizens' are the voices that must be heard.

Last year, a handful of limited electronic surveys were used to legitimize important decisions. This effort seemed cursory to me.

Surveys and public input ought to be expanded to better represent the larger community views.

I applaud the gentleman in the Black Hat for offering his thoughts and expertise for Georgetown re-development. Input from legitimate neighborhood associations ought to be uniform and complete.

Great first start by our City Council and Mayor.