Friday, January 6, 2012

I signed this petition regarding DeKalb County School Funds being used to pay excessive attorney fees - please check it out.

Settle the lawsuit with Heery Mitchell

The school system has spent over $15 million on King & Spalding attorneys and could end up paying an additional $15-20 million or more when the case is resolved. This outlay of cash is paid from the General Operating Budget of our school system and is taking away from our children. Stop spending money on a lawsuit where the system's main witnesses are indicted on criminal charges of racketeering! Settle with Heery-Mitchell via arbitration or mediation. End this nonsense so that we can turn our attention to our schools and our children!

Full details available here - DeKalb School Watch Blog



Joe Hirsch said...

Does Dunwoody still pay a $1,000 a month fee for attorney Lenny before he picks up a pencil and then we get billed 100 bucks an hour?

Joe Hirsch said...
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Joe Hirsch said...

Dunwoody Asst City Attorney Lenny Felgin on Facebook during City Council meeting, Jan 9, 2012. link to see photo [trying to get it to post on here; copy and remove space before "dunwoody"]: dunwoody/dunwoodyattorneylennyfelgin.jpg