Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Dunwoody Zoning Code Rewrite Kick-Off Meeting Tonight

 What does the future bring?

The Dunwoody Zoning Code Rewrite Kick-Off Meeting is scheduled for Tonight, Tuesday, January 24 at Dunwoody Baptist Church (1445 Mount Vernon Road) from 7:00-9:00 PM. The public is invited to be a part in this exciting planning initiative beginning in 2012.

Dunwoody Baptist Church
1445 Mount Vernon Road
7:00 PM - 9:00 PM

City Council Recap
Video quality was lacking at Monday nights City Council Meeting but the conversation of adding bike lanes to Chamblee Dunwoody is passable if you turn you the speakers way up. It is available in the link below.



Daughter of the Poet said...

The Roads Also

The roads also have their wistful rest,
When the weathercocks perch still and roost,
And the looks of men turn kind to clocks
And the trams go empty to their drome.
The streets also dream their dream.

The old houses muse of the old days
And their fond trees leaning on them doze.
On their steps chatter and clatter stops
For the cries of other times hold men
And they hear the unknown moan.

They remember alien ardours and far futures
And the smiles not seen in happy features.
Their begetters call them from the gutters;
In the gardens unborn child-souls wail,
And the dead scribble on walls.

Though their own child cry for them in tears,
Women weep but hear no sound upstairs.
They believe in love they had not lived
And passion past the reach of stairs
To the world's towers or stars.

Wilfred Owen

Dunwoody DTOM said...

Butterflies ....

Frail Travellers, deftly flickering over the flowers;
O living flowers against the heedless blue
Of summer days, what sends them dancing through
This fiery-blossom’d revel of the hours?

Theirs are the musing silences between
The enraptured crying of shrill birds that make
Heaven in the wood while summer dawns awake;
And theirs the faintest winds that hush the green.

And they are as my soul that wings its way
Out of the starlit dimness into morn:
And they are as my tremulous being—born
To know but this, the phantom glare of day.

Siegfried Sassoon

DunwoodyLeaks said...

Do the Dunwoody sign codes address private residents that erect temporary or permanent signs in their front yards that advertise apartment rentals or condo sales for complexes that are a 1/2 mile to a mile or so away?

Or front yard signs that advise of web sites for loans, gold purchases, pawn shops, work at home jobs, etc?

Are these types of signs and where they are located addressed by codes, or because they are in the front yards of private residences are they protected by the freedom of speech? Like could you keep a political sign up in your yard for a candidate well after the election?

Just curious. I don't weigh in either way, I'm just curious when I observe these signs displayed on North Peachtree and other local roads.