Thursday, December 31, 2009

Heneghan's Dunwoody Blog recap of 2009

As I review the 533 blog entries that I have posted in the last 365 days, I can truly say that it has been an interesting year, for both myself and the new City of Dunwoody.  Below are a few of my favorite or still relevant items.  Enjoy.

City Signs - redone in the official branding process?
Pot Holes - are being filled, click here to report them.
City Hall & Police Station chosen - where will we be in 9 yrs?
City of Dunwoody website - I've been promised that it will be improved.
Dunwoody Elementary built and I wish more kids walked to school, SRTS Grant.
Dunwoody found & hired the best Police Officers available.

School Nurse funding, may be raised again this year?
Speeding in school zones made me want the Radar Speed Limit Signs.
Watch out School Board - Angry Parents
DeKalb Parks Bond funds - Brook Run Park was slated for another $7 Million.
DCSS and the DeKalb County School Watch blog

Dunwoody gets late snow.
Chesnut Charter gets a few upgrades.
Murder suspect shown on web turns himself in.
Proud day in an Irish pub.
Host money coming to Dunwoody, though not final yet.
Dunwoody Public School Boundaries
Police cars purchased, lined up ready to roll.

Police Swearing in.
Birth of a Police Department, caught on video.
Traffic Calming comes to Dunwoody
13th wedding anniversary
Dunwoody Crime Stats - off line?  Will look to improve.
Farmers Market discussed.

Atlanta Colts - many hours here for me.
Radar sign demo was a success but sign was tragically hit by a speeding motorist.
Kristin was named Mother of the Year as this video shows.
Farmers Market Approved
Heart warming story of Dunwoody's Dr. Robert Albin
Put my home on the market.
No Tax increase in Dunwoody.
Julia Denniss goes to the Nationals for Scripts Spelling Bee
Being responsible for the safety and care of Dunwoody Police Officers - this story touched me.
Thank you Mike Jacobs - Town Brookhaven TAD
Welcome to the paradigm shift towards a safer community.
Chickens in Dunwoody?
Zoning Board of Appeals - interesting items where it can be neighbor against neighbor.

Lazy is not a Handicap.
Post Office moving out of Dunwoody Village?
Comprehensive Land Use Meetings
Vacation Day for a Dunwoody City Councilman.
Tennis Court Lights @ the Branches approved.
Vanderlyn school upgrades approved.
Heart of Dunwoody started for AED's in police cars.

Updated website, still more can be done.
Awesome 4th of July parade.
Police Ride Along Program
Video of Dunwoody Elementary - trying to protect the neighbors.
Dunwoody CRCT Results
DunwoodyNow opinion survey of City Services.
Happy Birthday Kristin
$100 per day per field?
DeKalb Parks Canceled Master Plan
Ashford Dunwoody & Mount Vernon
Dunwoody Police housing incentives highlighted by news.
Dunwoody rated on Transparency and gets a C-.  
Property Density discussed at Comp Land Use Meeting.

Unethical scofflaw - Next filing due soon.
AJC moving to Dunwoody
Why is the council is sniffing around the trash can?
Dunwoody Convention and Visitors Bureau
Georgia Perimeter College is going to grow. Huge project, huge impact on traffic. More to follow soon.
Don't Text and Drive
Laser Truck - Worst first.

Political Conflict of Interest? Nope
Dunwoody Council intact for another two years.
Sept 11th - Where were you eight years ago today?
A year of good governance in Dunwoody.
Dunwoody proposes 15.5 Million dollar budget for 2010
Heart of Dunwoody provides AED's to Dunwoody Police
DeKalb Falcons in Sembler Stadium?

If you have never failed, you have never lived.
Dunwoody Police Semi-Annual Report and Budget Request
Time to Remake MARTA by Representatives Fran Millar & Mike Jacobs
Five Dunwoody Community Meetings - discussing specific areas.
U.S. Census Bureau evaluates Dunwoody

No one outgrows recess, they just outgrow the playground.
The Chicken Whisperer discusses Back Yard Chickens
Live, Work and Play but where's the Play?
Video of the newly installed Dunwoody Speed Tables
Dear future Dunwoody bank robbers...
Dunwoody HS students only take four classes per day
Is social media a fad?

City of Dunwoody celebrates its first year.
Judge Tony DelCampo of Dunwoody encourages future DeKalb leaders.
DeKalb Community Council denies Late Night application at Friday's Plaza
So that all Dunwoody residents may have a Merry Christmas
My goal is to have Dunwoody, GA listed as a Best Place to Live
Historic Sites in Dunwoody, GA
Looking for a house in Dunwoody, there are a few available

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