Thursday, November 17, 2011

Barbed wire industrial looking fence on Peeler to be replaced with orginal wooden fence soon.

Several weeks ago the DeKalb County Water Works installed an industrial looking fence with barbed wire along the top on Peeler Road to close off the water line easement that runs to the Chattahoochee River.  This morning, Councilman Doug Thompson and I attended a meeting with our Public Works Director, Mr. Michael Smith and representatives from the County where an agreement was reached assuring that the original wooden fence with a gate would be reinstalled in place of the industrial chain link fence that is currently there.

The City will see if we add some landscaping along the area to help it blend back in.


Pattie Baker said...

Fruit trees or bushes would be good :) The Atlanta Local Food Initiative and Atlanta Community Food are hosting their annual fruit tree sale now--order online and get trees in late January.

Bob Lundsten said...

I think it would be nice to mention that the minute that Ted Rhinehart, the Director of Pulbic Works for DeKalb County, was made aware of this issue, he responded immediately and instructed the contractor to make it right.
Just an oversight I am sure.

Bob Turner said...

Any idea when yawl are going to get around to marking the turn lanes on Cotillion Drive where it meets Chamblee-Dunwoody?

Daily I see near accidents there when the cars in the left-hand turn lane attempt to out-motor, by instead heading straight, the vehicles in the non-turn lane that are moving onto the 285-West entrance ramp.


dunwoodydad said...

Bob, maybe they ran out of paint.
You know the city has spent quite a bit of money and effort to try an implement their 400 million dollar community development campaign, while expanding their government boot print.

When they finish that small roads and paint project (er boondoggle) on Mt. Vernon (Peachtree Dunwoody) sometime in 2012, then repaint it back to it's original (they removed a lane???), you'll be on the list (sarcasm).

I'm watching you said...
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I'm watching you said...

I told Popeye that fence wasn’t going to do it. I have pull out 1000's of pounds of debris from this construction site for the local garbage men to pick up, including tires. The construction crew also broke Lakeside Drive roadway from the heavy trucks going up and down ad high rates of speed. You can check the police reports and ask Tom Taylor how bad the road as gotten. He has walked this roads years and has seen first hand the destruction of the road.

John Heneghan said...

Bob L, pure oversight; always appreciative.

Bob T, Cotillion is a State maintained road and they repaved it - not the city funds. Road Striping has been a problem as there are a number of huge projects going on and I believe the contractor is over committed. This issue has been raised.

Dunwoody Dad, Mt Vernon and PT Dunwoody is in Sandy Springs.

IWy, I haven't driven Lakeside in a while but hope to do so soon and hopefully you have already put a work ticket in with the city to review the conditions.

Repeal_Georgia_HB87 said...

Cotillion Drive is state maintained?! Great! Well, we can forget about that stretch of road ever being completed with Nathan Deal's only interests being that of destroying Georgia's agriculture industry and furthering his racist agenda.

I guess Governor Deal is just nostalgic for the days of Lester Maddox, but we already learned that romance and leadership don't mix when we were hoodwinked into electing an addle-brained B-grade actor to the White House back in the 80's, who instead of leading the country, turned over running the government to left-over Nixon era thugs while he thought he was entertaining the country with his inane warmed-over Hollywood anecdotes.

Now we are left with an economy that is the consequential result of Bonzo's lack of insight for future generations when he implemented greedy immediate-gratification trickle-down voodoo economic policies that included a loosening of the regulations on banks and Wall Street allowing thieves like Hal Greenwood Jr., Charles Keating, Neil Bush, and eventually Kenneth Lay, Bernie Madoff, AIG, and Lehman Brothers to thrive.