Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Dunwoody Runoff Candidates are reviewing these precinct numbers very closely.

I'm guessing the four runoff candidates, Dallas & Davis for Mayor and Nall & Wittenstein for Council post 4 will be pouring over these numbers and this map to see where to maximize their efforts and resources before the December 6th runoff election. 

On Tuesday there were over 9,300 votes cast (36.18% of the registered voters) but on December 6th there will be a very small portion of those who will go to re-vote, so turnout driven by one side or the other will be the deciding factor.  Every vote for each candidate will be worth it's weight in gold as chances are, the turnout will be very low.

If you want to see the precinct by precinct breakdown for all of the ballot items, I have posted them here.


GaryRayBetz said...
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GaryRayBetz said...

So, only 36.18% of the registered voters in Dunwoody cast a vote? That is sad, very sad.

However, I guess being from Chicago where we were taught from childhood by Al Capone to "Vote early and vote often." it's a comparable disgrace.

GaryRayBetz said...

Listen folks, the Tea Party has had its say and sway, thus a majority of you all voted their way, and now you are left to choose between two zombie mayoral candidates.

Do you all really want to continue another 100 years or so known only as the community with a body politic so submissive and docile that it makes the "Stepford Wives" seem liberated?

Throw off your mindless automaton mantles and write in Gary Ray Betz for Dunwoody Mayor!

My single-issue libertine platform shall free the city both economically and spiritually -

I am the only aspirant that is bold enough (as well as wise enough to appreciate the tax revenue that could be accrued) to propose a city ordinance to legalize marijuana.

Imagine a Dunwoody dotted with quaint hash cafes and in addition to the direct tax revenue the city would gain, the collateral emolument for the non-drug related Dunwoody small businesses would be enormous.

So, sever your shackles of rote rationalization, and consider a candidate that emanates lateral thinking by writing in Gary Ray Betz for Dunwoody Mayor!