Thursday, November 3, 2011

Final AYP Results are Available for Dunwoody Public Schools

Peachtree Charter Middle School

h/t to Dunwoody Mom of the Dunwoody School Daze Blog

The Georgia Dept of Education has released the final AYP results.  After the summer re-test period:

Dunwoody High School made AYP (and is now out of "Needs Improvement" status), as well as Hightower Elementary.

Peachtree Charter Middle School and Kingsley Charter Elementary School did not make AYP.  Click on the school name for the individual school reports.  Please take the time to actually "drill down" into the data and not just AYP "status".

Austin Elementary final AYP results
Chesnut Charter Elementary final AYP results
Dunwoody Elementary final AYP results
Vanderlyn Elementary final AYP results

Keep your fingers crossed that the ESEA Waiver submitted by the State of Georgia DOE is approved by the Federal DOE.   If so, the way AYP is determined will be a thing of the past.  I believe the waiver review is mid-November. I'm not sure how much time will pass before a decision is made to approve or disapprove Georgia's waiver.   From what I am reading, the reauthorization of ESEA is making a slow, slow move through Congress.

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