Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Video and recap of the Nov 14th Dunwoody City Council Meeting


Hire_A_Veteran said...

Does the City of Dunwoody have a Veterans' Hiring Preference?

If not, what is the City of Dunwoody's commitment for supporting US Veterans in seeking employment opportunities?

I see Dunwoody has a run-off election for mayor. Is candidate Davis or Dallas a Veteran? That is, of course, US military Veterans, not just veterans of their college fraternity's beer blast. I saw that Jackson was a veteran, but he's not in the run-off, what about these two guys, Davis and Dallas?

dunwoodydad said...

Shame that these candidates were not vetted by our own newspaper.
I don't believe either is a veteran, as we were bankrupted by interventionist policies, social spending, and the UN agenda during the period of his their young adulthood. The middle class couldn't support another silly war despite what the Federal Reserve shareholders and the MIC wanted.
Anyway, both candidates are opposed to gun ownership I believe and want to enhance the police state. Dallas is a Romney Republican. Mr. Davis isn't as generous with political contributions, but based on his (former?) line of work, he could easily support any candidate who was pro insurance mandates. He claims to be a fiscal conservative with a belief in property rights - but you never know.
I do know Mr. Dallas is pro-Israel, a lawyer, and a gentleman, with years of bureaucratic experience but despite the numerous robocalls and somehow getting my email address, I know little about his stances. Maybe his campaign should add some info with their spam this month?

Anyway good luck - I'll be writing in my own candidate this year - one who would down down this sustainability Agenda 21 horsecrap and the incremental extraction of our property, privacy, and bank accounts in order to grow government and a domestic control grid.

John Heneghan said...

Hire a Vet, no there is no hiring preference for vets but over 30% of our police force are Vets. Chief Grogan wrote about this awhile back.


Not sure if Mayoral candidates are a Vet? Maybe I should offer to do video interviews?

Hire_A_Veteran said...

Thank-you for your reply, Mr. Heneghan.