Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Doraville Police Officer killed in wrongway interstate crash.

DORAVILLE, GA -- Authorities said a Doraville police detective was killed in a wrong-way traffic accident on Interstate 20 early Monday morning.

The accident happened on Interstate 20 westbound near Wesley Chapel Road in DeKalb County at about 2:30 a.m. The detective, Robert Shane Wilson, 27, was killed in the wreck.

Police said Wilson was headed westbound in an unmarked police SUV, when, they said, a Jeep headed eastward in the westbound lanes struck Wilson's car head-on.

The driver of the Jeep, Gene Jones of Dunwoody, 39, was taken to Grady hospital in stable condition. Police said charges against Jones are pending. Police believe Jones had been drinking prior to the accident.

Wilson started his career as a dispatcher in Doraville at age 19.  He became a patrol officer, and was promoted to detective in September, said Chief John King.  Wilson was en route from his home in Covington to investigate a home invasion case when the collision occurred.

King said Wilson was well respected in the ethnically diverse city.  He said officers in his department are struggling to handle the death of their young colleague.

Visitation for Detective Wilson is set for Tuesday and Wednesday at Scott Ward Funeral Home in Conyers. Funeral services are scheduled for Thursday afternoon at the First Baptist Church of Conyers.  Wilson leaves a wife and a six-year-old son.  Police say Wilson's mother and stepfather have had careers in law enforcement in DeKalb County.

Funeral procession details will be released once they are finalized.


dpgroupie said...

This is just too shocking and tragic to comment on, other than to say my heart goes out to his family, friends, coworkers and law enforcement family. The loss of this young man is felt with great sadness to even those who didn't know him.

John Heneghan said...

Wrong-way driver in deadly crash had prior DUI arrests

11 alive news story - link

My blog stats told me that numerous sources were looking for a photo of Mr. Jones and after a little research I sadly believed that I found four of them on the DeKalb OJS (Online Judicial System) Site which details past criminal and civil legal actions.

Today his booking information was posted for homicide by vehicle, reckless driving and driving under the influence, without a photo that is usually included but it did include his DOB and address which confirmed it was the same person with prior arrests. With those facts confirmed, the mainstream media finally went forward with the story with which I was aware.

Seeing the "rap sheet" with the DUI's and numerous open container violations it makes me wonder if there was something more the judicial system could have done? Could the laws or the sentencing been tougher? Then again it had been five years since the last offense so maybe the system had worked as it should?

I know the Dunwoody Police Department takes impaired driving very serious and does what it can from several educational and enforcement angles to stop tragedies like this from happening.

As a member of the City Council is there something more I (or the City as a whole) could and should do?

For example, I never understood these iced single serve alcholic beverages available just inside most Dunwoody convenience stores and gas stations when you are not allowed to drink on the premises nor allowed to drink in your vehicle?

I guess maybe I should lighten up and just be glad we don't have drive thru daiquiri shops. Thoughts?

SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

I'm stumped by the "to go" alcohol sales too. Only a "southern thing" as far as I can tell. I've only seen convenience stores selling alcohol south of the Mason Dixon line. Nobody where I'm from would dream of it.

Only place where you need "to go" bars is Bourbon Street. ;-)

As far as what to do? Enforcement, enforcement, enforcement. Then Education, education, education. For *everything*, even tail lights, tags, etc. The lacksadaisical (sp?) approach to driving is not just limited to DUI, as anyone crossing the street to get to an ES in Dunwoody can tell you. See my earlier post re: comprehensive education and partnering with establishments in town that host large numbers of "daytimers".

dpgroupie said...

I had read somewhere that this guy is an owner of "Obsession" nightclub, where there is a plethora of cheap drink options ($3 specials etc). Of course, if that is true, he drinks (drank) for "free". Maybe he can be put on some sort of work detail for the rest of his life, with all money earned going to the family of the officer he killed.

John Heneghan said...

Saw that DeKalb Officers raised the same questions I did. May be interesting commentary.

DeKalb Officers Speak Blog: Bond Set For Drunk Driver Who Killed Doraville Police Detective Robert Wilson

Bond was set at $265,000.

Kristin said...

Good news!

MONROE, Ga. — The name of a Doraville police officer killed while responding to a call has been added to a memorial to fallen officers after relatives questioned an earlier decision to exclude him from it.

Relatives of 27-year-old Robert Shane Wilson were preparing to attend the Public Safety Memorial ceremony in May 2012 when they learned his name would be left off. Officials said at the time that criteria for the memorial included being killed in the line of duty.

Doraville police said Wilson was the overnight on-call detective and was responding to a home invasion call when he was killed by a wrong-way driver in 2011.

WSB-TV reports that Wilson's name was among eight added to Georgia's Public Safety Memorial wall in Monroe County Monday after a committee reconsidered the earlier decision.