Thursday, November 17, 2011

Wal-Mart Neighborhood Market received Gwinnett County variance for Winters Chapel and Peeler

 Wal-Mart is still trying to come to Dunwoody's East Side.

The last time I met with the Wal-Mart developers and Gwinnett County staff, this project had a few stumbling blocks in its path to becoming a reality but on Tuesday a few those hurtles were cleared.  It appears that a buffer variance was worked out and therefore this project may be back on track.

This type of development could give a huge economic boost to the east side of Dunwoody that it sorely needs adding not only a strong retail arm but more importantly a grocery store which is also needed.

As the property is just across the border into Gwinnett County (and the new city of Peachtree Corners) the City of Dunwoody has little input into the process though at previous meetings, store facings of brick and landscape standards at the entrance were discussed.   The City Community Development office will be staying  involved as this project comes to reality.
Buffer Reduction
2011-0915 BRD2011-00003, Applicant: Wal-Mart Stores, Inc.,
Owner: Eliot Properties, A Georgia General Partnership, to Reduce Required Buffer from 75 feet to 0 feet for Property Zoned C-2, District 6 Land Lot 280 Parcel 018, 5000 Block of Winters Chapel Road, 7.52 Acres. District 2/Howard
[Planning Department Recommendation: Approve with Conditions]
[Planning Commission Recommendation: Approve withConditions]


SDOC Publishing Internet Solutions said...

Walmart doesn't have the best reputation in the world in some circles but between that corporation and an empty storefront, I'll take Walmart. Will be good to see some good solid activity there again, maybe even boost the smaller stores nearby like Dunwoody Point.

Pattie Baker said...

It will also start to address the food desert issue.

Kirsten said...

This is great news! I drive by here often and am excited that it is still moving along. I've seen the rezoning signs posted there and have my hopes up!

dunwoodydad said...

Woohoo, now I won't have to drive as far to get my corn syrup disguised as honey, milk with a 20% puss content, and Chinese plastic goods.

Repeal_Georgia_HB87 said...

Help Georgia agriculture and the state’s economy by repealing Georgia House Bill 87!

Georgia produce and fruit is laying scorned on the ground, falling rotten from the trees, has started fermenting on the vines, and come spring the fields shall remain fallow with no one to seed them!

But nonetheless Dunwoody citizens celebrate the convenience of a new WalMart, an evil machination that continues to plunder our hard working proletariat class!

WalMart only uses their profits to enable China to buy up more of America and to purchase term papers and homework for Paige Walton!

We, the Catholic Worker Movement, come to "comfort the afflicted and to afflict the comfortable". Please think of your brethren, good people, if you are truly good people.

Ban the nefarious corporate leviathan from our village! And allow the hungry to come back to their homes, to labor in our state's bountiful fields, so that we and they may feed our children.