Friday, November 11, 2011

Dunwoody Patch creates Interactive Map of Dunwoody Voter Turnout and Results.

Peter Cox of the Dunwoody Patch did a wonderful job of turning the election data I posted yesterday to my blog into an easy to read map of the polling places with statistical information on voter turnout and each races results.

Comparing the two photos below you will note wide differences in voter turnout, Mayor selection and Post 5 selection but little differences on the selection for City Council Post 4.  Each of the city's 13 polling places have varying demographics and voting patterns therefore trying to predict the runoff statistics after the huge turnout on Tuesday, because of the alcohol and bond referendums, would be very difficult indeed.

If there are any political science professors out there, I would enjoy reading your students detailed analysis comparing the November 8th election results to the December 6th.

PS: I was talking to a well educated, very computer literate neighbor regarding this article and he said that he has heard of the Patch but didn't typically follow the blogs.  The Dunwoody Patch is not a blog, it is a well run "daily newspaper" available in only an electronic format, written and edited by professional journalists with great up to the minute articles.  I highly recommend adding it to your online reading for everyday news of all things Dunwoody.

Link to Large Map view of the Data

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Hire_A_Veteran said...

Question of election laws -

Is a newspaper allowed to provide free campaign ads or defer the payment for one candidate but not another?

If this practice is allowed, would not the benefiting candidate have to report these incidents as donations?