Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Meet your next Dunwoody Mayor - video introduction

A week from now either Bob Dallas or Mike Davis will be the next Mayor of Dunwoody and I would like to introduce them to you via the 4 minute video clip above taken from the much longer Dunwoody Homeowners Association Candidate Forum.

The candidates know that the turnout for this runoff election will be very low and that it could be decided by a very slim margin, therefore every vote cast is important.  My goal is to inform you of the importance of these run off elections and encourage a larger turnout than just the candidates friends and family. 

Based on what I am reading in the news and the blogs, I am guessing that the rhetoric may be ramping up but please take the time to do your own research on the candidates before you vote.  Take four minutes out of your day to meet the next Mayor of Dunwoody, even if it is just on video.  Thanks.


To What End said...

From this video alone, I would say Bob Dallas has the experience to be our next mayor.

GaryRayBetz said...

Listen folks, the Tea Party has had its say and sway, thus a majority of you all voted their way, and now you are left to choose between two zombie mayoral candidates.

Do you all really want to continue another 100 years or so known only as the community with a body politic so submissive and docile that it makes the “Stepford Wives” seem liberated?

Throw off your mindless automaton mantles and write in Gary Ray Betz for Dunwoody Mayor!

My single-issue libertine platform shall free the city both economically and spiritually -

I am the only aspirant that is bold enough (as well as wise enough to appreciate the tax revenue that could be accrued) to propose a city ordinance to legalize marijuana.

Imagine a Dunwoody dotted with quaint hashish cafes! And in addition to the direct tax revenue the city would gain, the collateral emolument for the non-drug related Dunwoody small businesses would be enormous.

So, sever your shackles of rote rationalization, and consider a candidate that emanates lateral thinking by writing in Gary Ray Betz for Dunwoody Mayor!

Then in closing, if I may take poetic license and tailor one of Karl Marx's lesser known quotes to be my campaign slogan -

"Write-in Gary Ray Betz for Dunwoody Mayor - he will be the midwife for Dunwoody's old beldam society pregnant with an insightful and vibrant new one."

Dunwoody DTOM said...

Gary Ray, did you mean "beldam" or bedlam. I think perhaps both.

What a Brave New World/City you would birth for us.

Dunwoody DTOM said...

I surely missed Gary Ray's video.

But based on what I saw and heard there's no question Bob Dallas should be our next mayor.

GaryRayBetz said...

No, Dunwoody DTOM, I did mean "beldam" as in old hag. Though probably not used in that manner since Elizabethan times -

"...oft the teeming earth is with a kind of colic pinched and vexed by the imprisoning of unruly wind within her womb, which, for enlargement striving, shakes the old -beldam- earth and topples down steeples and moss-grown towers." a line written for the character Hotspur from Shakespeare's Henry the IV Part I.

But your "bedlam" reference, if meant as a pun, was clever and much appreciated.

Dunwoody DTOM said...

Yes definitely as a paronomasia. Perhaps a recursive one.

And I think you are our Hotspur of Dunwoody, and soon to be Mayor Hotspur.

Bob Lundsten said...

Politics is a tough business. Small town politics is even tougher.
Small town politics pits friends against friends. It can spawn ill will, anger and distrust between neighbors. It is why I, who has never been accused as being a wall flower, have tried to lay low during the first round of elections in Dunwoody. If people asked me, I would tell them who I supported. I often feel that an endorsement from me may hurt more than help my candidate’s chances of winning.
This round it is different. We are at a time in our city’s brief existence where there will be a changing of direction. We are over the enthusiasm of setting up a city. We are done with the time that we can govern ourselves as if we were a Dunwoody Homeowner’s Association on steroids. We are done with the idea that an elected official’s only credential is that he or she served on Dunwoody Yes or the Citizens for Dunwoody boards.
As hard as it for some to understand, we are not an island or a castle surrounded by a moat. We cannot close our eyes and wish it were 1975, that we still had dirt roads and a working farm at Perimeter. Wish as we may, those days are long gone.
As Dunwoody moves towards a bright future, it needs a Mayor who has the experience in leading and working with all levels of governments, committees and organizations. Running a tennis club is no longer enough. We need a Mayor who understands that no matter what we think we can do to stop it, Dunwoody will continue to grow. We need a Mayor who has a vision that is greater than “moving the apartments to Sandy Springs” or if you do not share his vision of Dunwoody “just move”. We need a Mayor who is willing and capable of LEADING Dunwoody. We need a Mayor who has a VISION for Dunwoody. We need a Mayor who understands the real meaning of smart growth. We need a Mayor who has the EXPERIENCE to lead Dunwoody into the next chapter of our young history.
I urge all the citizens of Dunwoody to vote for BOB DALLAS for Mayor of the City of Dunwoody. He is that Mayor.

Bob Turner said...

You are absolutely correct where you feel that an endorsement from you may hurt more than help your candidate’s chances of winning. Because after reading your holier-than-thou pontifications my wife and I intend to vote for Wittinstein for council and Davis or better yet write in that crazy ass Betz for mayor and we didn't even vote for them initially.

You've already ruined Dunwoody's future for its children with your self-righteous "hey look at me" diatribes on the parks issue, so please take a good look at what you write and you will see as my wife and I did that your comments have very little substance other than you thinking you are driving home a point with your incessant CAPITALIZATION.

But most egregious is the way you cast jaundiced aspersions on Wittinstein and Davis. Why would we or anyone vote for candidates that are endorsed by some who commits such repugnant acts?

Anon said...

Please don't vote for Davis just. He was anti-bonds and frankly will be anti-everything as his biggest supporter Denny Shortal is. In fact, Shortal has said that we don't need additional park space in Dunwoody.