Thursday, November 3, 2011

DeKalb uses Park Bond money to fund general operations.

Channel 2 Action News has learned Dekalb County's cash shortage was so severe last year that county officials spent $40 million in money designated for green space projects.

Dekalb's chief financial officer told Channel 2's Richard Belcher it was a mistake that won't be repeated, but county commissioners aren't happy.

Nothing was stolen, but there is no disputing that bond money should not have been spent on county operations. One county commissioner even calls it illegal. Either way, it's a clear measure of just how cash-strapped the county had gotten.


Joe Seconder said...

...and the biggest follow up question is: "Are they going to replenish the $40M back into the Parks Funds???"

Bob Lundsten said...

Dunwoody uses park money to evict 5% of its population.

The Greater Dunwoody area from PIB to Perimeter has apartments that are 95% leased. Contrary to what Rob Augustine would have you believe, there is apparentlymore apartments than we know what to do with.
We don't want them here. I understand that but wtih those type of occupied rates, there is not a lot of places that these displaced residents can go and stay in Dunwoody. Oh but wait, that was the purpose in the first place.
Job well done