Saturday, November 26, 2011

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A few weeks ago I had the pleasure to attend a locally organized TED Conference, the day’s speakers shared their “Breakthrough” in their respective areas of expertise in 18-minute talks. This link shows all of the presentations and I have highlighted a few of the one's I really enjoyed below.

The Transformative Power of Multimedia Storytelling 

Perceptions are Reality. Or Are They? An Immigrant's Journey.

Autism: Disruptions in Early Human Social Adaptation Mechanisms 

Education & Disruptive Innovation

For Thanksgiving break, my family spent four nights in Washington D.C. and it was an absolutely fabulous vacation that was highly educational for my boys.  With my youngest son being six and the oldest being twelve there was something for everyone.  We did the White House tour, Capital Tour, all the monuments, numerous museums, saw the Space Shuttle and money being made, saw famous art works, went ice skating and did lots of walking.  Almost every historical site was free therefore I highly recommend it as a family vacation spot.

I know too many people with Cancer, but allow me to celebrate that my friend Bonnie is in this commercial.

The City of Dunwoody is currently undergoing repairs on the Children's Adventure Playground @ Brook Run.  Shade Structures.

Shop at a Small Business today and get $25 back from American Express

Mary Margaret Oliver Pre-File House Bill 671 Outlines the Process for Reducing the DCSS School Board from 9 to 7 Members  (h/t Dunwoody School Daze) For more information about HB 671, please click here.

101 Elf On The Shelf Ideas

Looking for fun holiday ideas with Kids?  Field Trips with Sue is a good place to check out.

Good reads:  The Death of the Fringe Suburb & To Rethink Sprawl, Start With Offices

Taste of Dunwoody announced for Friday, February 03, 2012. Sponsorship and auction opportunities available.


shark bait said...

The shade is important, but I cannot believe that the water STILL is not running at Brook Run! Brent Walker said it was a priority a long time ago, but it still doesn't flow. I wonder how things can improve if this one little priority cannot be handled.

GaryRayBetz said...

Good for you John! Washington DC is a fantastic place to take the children. A very very enlightening and stirring adventure for them, I'm sure. You are a great Dad!

I always told myself that if I ever won the lottery, I'd put myself up in a Washington DC hotel and tour the museums and monuments every day for about three months.

But, of course, before I left town, I'd hook up with ex-mayor of DC, Marion Berry, for a little bonne vie diversion...

POSI said...

60K for a access control system, keyfobs for the building at Brook Run. At an end user cost of 3K per door that would control 20 doors.
I hope you have 20 doors on the plan and someone is not getting a kick back.

Hire_A_Veteran said...

Right-wing Republican dominance in Congress and in the USA as a whole, has been around long enough - too long. It is time for a renewed progressive era; to again save capitalism from those in the Tea Party and similar ilk who would destroy it in the name of power, austerity, deregulation and greed.

Long-term modernization of our infrastructure is 50 years overdue and short-term developments of all kinds are necessary.

Keynesian economics is definitely not a failure. That canard is based on the false premise that in 1937, under Franklin Roosevelt, that economic approach caused a triple dip in the economy. The economy was improving, although gradually. Roosevelt had to again stimulate the economy to prevent further worsening of the Depression.

Nor were we in crisis when the United States debt was 120 percent of GDP in 1948 when the tax on the wealthy was 91 percent. In fact, with all that, the USA entered a golden age of prosperity that brought many into the middle class.

Even then we were operating in a global economy and high taxes did not stop our growth. Roosevelt was vilified as our honorable President Barack Obama is currently being denigrated, but Obama will save capitalism just as FDR did.

The price won’t be cheap but future generations in the will benefit.

Just visit Silicon Valley or other high tech areas to see the growth and success of businesses in high-tax areas. Only when the federal government has enough revenue can it share with the states. It is called federalism.

So, lets stop allowing the illogical maxims of our local Tea Party to dictate the future of our own city as they have no concern for our future.