Monday, November 7, 2011

The Heneghan's are voting for Lynn Deutsch - Dunwoody City Council

 Lynn Deutsch

When the City of Dunwoody started I was asked to fill a few committee assignments, the most important of which was that of the Planning Commission which is the committee that sees all zoning applications prior to its arrival to the City Council. I nominated Lynn Deutsch as she was the most qualified person I could find in the entire city knowing that she would do a fantastic job representing the citizens. Lynn has worked to improve this city on so many levels that I also nominated her knowing that it could be a stepping stone to the City Council if she were interested in serving in that capacity.

Tomorrow is election day in the City of Dunwoody with Lynn Deutsch's name on the ballot to fill a vacant City Council seat. I wanted to share a letter of support for Lynn written by members of the community as Kristin & I now gladly add our name at the bottom.

Vote Lynn Deutsch on Tuesday, I know that this household will.


Dear Friends and Neighbors,

It is not often that we have been moved to give unsolicited endorsements for citywide elections. This year is different.

In the Post 5, City Council at-large race pitting Lynn Deutsch against Kerry de Vallette, we will enthusiastically mark our ballots for Lynn Deutsch . It is no secret to many of you that Lynn is a friend of ours, but let’s be clear: it is not friendship with Lynn that is driving this decision.

Simply put, Lynn Deutsch is, without question, the best qualified candidate for City Council. Hands down.

Lynn’s extensive qualifications clearly separate her from her opponent--a Masters Degree in City planning from GA Tech, Bachelors' Degrees in Government and Journalism, her current position as Planning Commissioner for the City of Dunwoody and her active roles in the local schools. Her experience benefits the city because Dunwoody needs people on city council who are READY, who UNDERSTAND both the depth and breadth of issues that the city will face over the next several years. Lynn Deutsch is just that person.

From zoning to transportation, from sustainability issues to sign ordinances…ask Lynn about ANY issue that would affect Dunwoody, and she can explain the issue to you AND give you a strategy to make it better. For 20 years, Lynn’s passion for and involvement in the city has never wavered, it has never taken a hitaus. She has never stopped speaking out, learning about city concerns, and holding officials accountable--on behalf of all of Dunwoody‘s citizens.


Dunwoody will become a better, more livable community with Lynn Deutsch on City Council--and even more importantly, its government will be more responsive and more representative of ALL its citizens.

On Tuesday, November 8, join us in voting for LYNN DEUTSCH for Dunwoody City Council, Post 5 at-large--and spread the word to all your friends!


Brian Harper and Susan Davis Harper, Georgetown
Mark and Claire Botsch, Winwood Hollow
Larry and Kathryn Chambless, Chamblee Dunwoody Rd.
Ashley Doolittle, Dunwoody Club Forest
Jack and Stacey Harris, Mill Glen
Brett and Amanda Hensley, Waterford
Bill and Genie Hooper, Fontainebleau
Stephan and Allegra Johnson, Kingsley
Joe and Suzie Martin, Dunwoody North
Brian and Page Olson, Redfield
Dan and Mellie O’Keefe, North Springs
Keith and Pam Tallmadge, Wynterhall
John and Kristin Heneghan, Dunwoody North

PS…See more about why Lynn is the most qualified: (Lynn’s website) (DHA Candidate Debate) (League of Women Voters questionnaire)


Anonymous said...

John; If you endorse her, then she must be a big spender and PARKOPHILE like you. I will definitely NOT vote for her.

GaryRayBetz said...

I know my endorsement means next to nothing or merely that of the village idiot; however, my wife, the most earnest and guileless person in the world, as well as your neighborhood Kroger cashier, who all consult with as "Ms. Pam, what are the good sales today?" advised me back when Lynn Deutsch first threw her hat into the ring,

"Gary, not that I'm telling you how to vote, but Lynn is a good woman."

Dunwoody DTOM said...

deVallette is against the Parks and has campaigned on this basis. He hasn't like done anything recently or been involved with Dunwoody matters. You can see the benefit of having someone like Lynn who is involved, constantly contributing her work effort to Dunwoody.

As we know, if Dundevil says one thing. Do the opposite. We are voting for Lynn on Tuesday as well.

GaryRayBetz said...

"What must a heart be worth if its affections can be transferred hither and thither to suit circumstance and convenience?"

From Anthony Trollpe's novel, "The Last Chronicle of Barset"

Write in Gary Ray Betz for Dunwoody Mayor - your first blush candidate...

Pattie Baker said...

Just voted for you, Lynn.

Bob Lundsten said...

Vote with a conscience on Parks.
Sometimes the price we pay cannot be calculated in dollars and cents

GaryRayBetz said...
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