Monday, January 31, 2011

Best Map of Dunwoody includes all Property Lines.

Best Map of Dunwoody - Tax Plat Property Line Tool

Several years ago when I was assisting the Citizens for Dunwoody Committee in setting the boundaries, I created a simple yet very effective online tool so I could view any property line in the new City of Dunwoody. Today the only change in my map from that time is the fact that the line for the city goes up to 285 instead of now encompassing it. Other than that change, the map is flawless.

Click on the photo above or this link and allow the slightly over sized map to appear. Once the map is up, scroll the the map over or down if needed in order to find your house or an area that you are familiar with. Then click that location on the map.

From there a pdf tax plat map of the area will load showing what you just clicked, including possibly your house. Zoom in on the pdf and from there you can read every subdivision name, every street, every property line including the length of each line and the total acreage on large parcels.

Still to this day I find myself using this tool for various items that cross my desk and figured I would post it again (originally posted August 4, 2008). Give it a try.


I'm watching you said...

Looking at the map I see 285 and 141 are not in the city of Dunwoody, it that correct?

John Heneghan said...

285 was the one change from when the map was developed whereby the City incorporated to the fence line inside the perimeter, therefore 285 is withing the City Limits.

Peachtree Industrial Blvd is not within the city limits but I believe the access road along 141 going up to Winters Chapel is within the city.

You will also note that Doraville has the intersection of Tilly Mill and PTIB therefore the reason the city did not take that corner.